Holiday Travel Agency provide support with various types of visas – business visas and tourist visas. For getting visa it is necessary:
1. copy of your passport;
2. to fill in the application form;
3. to send to us the copy of passport and filled in application to our e-mail:
4. to fulfill the payment and inform us.
For prolongation of the period of your stay in Ukraine you should come to us. It is necessary to take with you:
1. passport;
2. 3 photos 3.5x4.5 cm;
3. application form.
The validity period of non-permanent “T” type visa can’t exceed 30 days.
We will need the following data for opening the tourist visa for you:

1. copy of the first page of your passport and of the pages with visas to Ukraine;
2. the dates of your stay on the territory of Ukraine;
3. the cities you are going to visit in Ukraine;

It will be necessary for you:

1. to fill in the application form;
2. to fill in the agreement;
3. to send the filled in application form to our e-mail; fulfill the payment and inform us about it.

Tel.: +38(067) 4826406
Tel./fax: 0038(048) 7380688

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